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About PMKing Trading

PMKing Trading's mission is fourfold:
  • Give clients an alternative investment that has predictable profits and managed risks, and is not correlated with general market direction, or their other investments.
  • Provide high-quality independent financial consulting to both local clients in Vermont and global clients.
  • Provide low cost, high value electronic books that are designed to improve your personal trading performance.
  • Help aspiring and experienced traders become the best traders they can be.
Company History
See below for a brief corporate history.

May 2002
PMKing Trading LLC incorporated in NJ
July 2003
Relocated to Middlebury, VT
December 2003
Completed 18 months of research, development, and testing of trading systems
February 2004
Commenced full-time, full-size, trading in the control account
December 2004
Completed 1 year of successful trading
February 2005
Paul King passed the Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam
May 2005
June 2005
August 2005
September 2005
October 2005
November 2005
January 2006
February 2006
March 2006
April 2006
July 2006
August 2006
Paul King has his first article published in Futures magazine
September 2006
October 2006
November 2006
Paul King has another article published in Futures Magazine
December 2006
February 2007
March 2007
May 2007
PMKing Trading is 5 years old

December 2007

All 4 (US Equities, UK Equities, US futures, and foreign exchange) trading programs are completed for Emblumoven LP

February 2008

March 2008

Paul King has an article published in Futures magazine about good trading practices

May 2008

June 2008

November 2008
The Spanish translation of The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Trading Business is published.  Get your copy here.

February 2009

Gold Ratio Analysis™ and ATR Step Charts™ added to ASG Professional Version 1.5 beta. See a sample report here.

See the product information page here.

February 2010

Paul King passes the UK CFA IMC Examination

March 2014

November 2015

OMG Ultimate Trading Strategy Launched

March 2016

TraderAlerter service is launched

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