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 The TradingSpotlightTM Collection of Articles

The articles listed below are short and to-the-point, and each cover a specific aspect of trading that is important for success.  The first one can be downloaded (in PDF format) for free by clicking on the title, you can buy the rest individually for $4.95 each, or buy the whole collection for $22.27 (50% discount) by using the 'Add to Cart' button below.


A look at the things that determine whether you are trading a profitable system


Don't Make Stops a No-Go
The 4 main levels of stops and how they can be useful in your trading


Bulletproof Your Trading Environment
What you need to have a backup for to ensure trouble-free trading
Growing a Successful Trading Business
The parallels between your level of commitment to trading and gardening
To Trade or Not To Trade
A look at when you should do something very difficult: Not trade
The Main Caveats of Backtesting
Things to be wary of when historically testing your trading ideas
IPOs are for Gamblers Not Traders
Why it is rarely a good idea to speculate in Initial Public Offerings
The Long and The Short of Equity Trading
Why going long or short in equities are not equal and opposite
Using Expectancy to Make Good Decisions
How to use expectancy to choose between several alternative trades
Selecting a Legal Entity
How to determine the best legal entity for your trading business


Option Exit Strategies
The main criteria that can be uses for exiting option positions


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