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Paul King is owner, head trader, trading coach, and financial consultant at PMKing Trading LLC.
Paul's background is in Information Systems, but he moved from technology to the business-side as a consultant to Wall Street companies.  His last real job (some time ago) was as a business analyst at a leading Electronic Communications network (ECN) in Times Square, Manhattan, NY.

Paul is passionate about trading and helping traders improve their performance through his international mentoring program.  Paul has trading clients all over the world including USA, Canada, South America, and Australia.  Paul has written a book about what he has learned developing PMKing Trading called "The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Trading Business".
As well as writing articles, mini-eBooks about trading and having articles published in Futures Magazine, Paul is very interested in personal finance and helping his clients (both globally and locally in Vermont) become wealthier (i.e. closer to financial freedom by reducing fixed expenses and increasing passive income).
When he's not trading or helping other people trade Paul has another full-time job as father to his 7 year old son.  Paul also enjoys poker, wine and beer (but not the night before a trading day!), vegetarian cooking, chess, backgammon, and organic gardening.
Paul's philosophy on trading and life in general is summed up by the old Chinese proverb "Those who say a thing is impossible should not interrupt the people doing it".
None of PMKing Trading's publications are intended as a recommendation to enter into any security, options contract, futures contract, or foreign exchange transaction.  Trading strategies are traded at your own risk.
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