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Current Trading Systems

We believe that profitable trading is the result of repeatedly and consistently applying a proven edge to realize a statistically significant profit from the successful implementation of a trading system.  Given this context, each production trading system we use includes the following:
  • Setup conditions (what events must happen to get interested in a potential trade)
  • Entry signal (specific conditions that mean a long or short position should be opened)
  • Initial position sizing algorithm (how much to buy/sell initially)
  • Loss and profit protective stops (when to take a loss, or a profit)
  • Addition to profitable position (when to add to a position that is in profit)
  • Exit signal (when to completely close the position)

In addition to these system rules there must also be controls that determine when a previously profitable system should be temporarily suspended, or retired completely.

Below is our current trading system status.

Systems Currently Being Traded

  • Gap System
  • Dividend System 
  • HiLo System
  • Exchange Traded Fund System
  • Splits System
  • Buyback System
  • ModeX System
  • ΘMG System
  • FX System
  • VWAP System
  • Volatility Index System

Systems Temporarily Suspended

  • Tick System

Systems in Research and Development

  • HiVol System

Other Non-Financial Instrument Systems (For Fun)

For more information regarding our trading systems please contact us.

There is a risk of loss with all trading activity

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