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 Trading Related Answers
PMKing Trading can answer your trading related questions.  Areas where we have specific expertise include:
  • Trading System Development and Testing
  • Position Sizing and Capital Allocation
  • Trading Discipline
  • Trading System Automation
  • Trading System Performance Measurement
  • Excel/VBA Programming
If you would like us to answer a question for you, or would like more information, please use the Contact section of this site or the form below to send us your detailed question along with a US Dollar amount you would be willing to pay to have it answered.  As a guide you should offer at least $100 per estimated hour of time required to answer the question.
Questions are answered based on the time we have available, the difficulty of the question, the amount of time it will take for us to research an answer, and the amount offered.  If we choose to answer your question you do not need to pay the agreed amount until we have answered it to your satisfaction.
Please note that due to time constraints and available resources, we may temporarily suspend this service at any time.
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Answers to questions are not a recommendation to enter into any security, option, futures, or foreign exchange transaction.
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