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All Systems Go Version History
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All Systems Go

05/25/20081.0 BetaInitial beta version released
05/27/20081.1 BetaWhitespace stripped on trades
End Date can be today
Trade input widened to 15 columns
ALT text added to report icons (Red, Amber, Green)
Last valid trade value displayed on input error report
User guide published
05/28/20081.2 Beta
Stored ASG Score for future reference
Added Serial Dependency analysis
Added trade number on trade input page to assist with locating problem trades
06/02/20081.3 Beta
Fixed maximum ending R for iterations with all negative equity curves.
Rounded stored values to 2 decimal places.
06/10/20081.4 Beta
Fixed an error in the calculation of R values for Raw and Percent Return trades.


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